[Asuhiro] Mitsukete Secret (COMIC Megastore 2012-11)

Translated it and i tried to upload it to many file sharing sites, but failed many times except from e-hentai. so..please visit the page to read/download


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Well, “Team” isn’t really my thing.

Hello again.. I’ve been unofficially stopped from working under L4K and LWB because.. well.. there is alpha and omega, and i’m omega .. (lol)

well, joking aside… i won’t continue the kusui aruta’s book because i lost all the translation data and cleaned images data from my hard disk…

for now, i’m currently working on a sweet little story from asuhiro, just now the translation completed and i hope tomorrow i can typeset and upload it.

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Goodbye, om3gascans

For the time being, i’ll be joining life4kaoru as typesetter.
About my projects? well… it’s a little too extreme, so… well… i could only hope i finish this later.

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The Third chapter after five months.


Third chapter of Kusui Aruta – Renai Holic,
title: Memories, First Part..
i’ll do the Last Part of this arc tonight if i remember :p

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Kusui Aruta – Renai holic 2nd Chapter.. finally..

well.. this is it..
i read some other RAWs and i find out that kusui aruta is in “High” level for editing (my scale)…
so i think to release some other manga other than kusui aruta’s to kill my boredom…

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after my melancholic state… re-release ch.00-01… CURRENT STATUS: Typesetting Ch.02

and i’m currently typesetting ch.02.. so wait for it.

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err.. sorry?

last post was posted when i’m in verge of being fired.. so sorry..
i realize that i don’t cut for a REAL scanlator.. but at least i do this at basic of my hobby…
and realize that this post have many grammar and spelling mistakes…
realize that i prioritize my real life than scanlator life
realize that i don’t want to involve anyone else in my project cuz’ my selfishness
so… please don’t expect i update every week or month..
maybe sometimes i’d release in 2 days in my free week.. or maybe in 2 months if my boss give me some big project…..
sorry all… ah, i will release renai holic from the first (zeroth) chapter through 3rd next time… i still revise the dialogues so it don’t feel “incorrect”

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